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Anavar - Oxanabolic (oxandrolone)

Larger image Anavar - Oxanabolic
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Company: Asia Pharma
Generic Name: oxandrolone
Description: Oxanabolic  is an anabolic steroid. It works by helping the body to produce testosterone, which helps build muscle mass.
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100tablets (10mg/tab) 350.00 USD
3 x 100tablets (10mg/tab) 930.00 USD
2 x 100tablets (10mg/tab) 620.00 USD 650.00 USD


There are many reasons which cause a body weight lose and make a person more weaker such as any kind of operation, weakness etc, from a very long time people are trying to get a rid of this problem because it causes them many problems like health issues after weight lose, getting weaker, dont like to do anything, dont like having meals and so on. Oxanabolic anavar oxndrolone is a very helpful medicine for these people because it helps in weight gain and help avoiding many other weaknesses. It is basically a weight gain supplement that helps in enhancing body muscle cell which causes weight gain.

Before using oxanabolic you should ask your doctor because it should only use according to doctor instructions, there are many reasons for not using this medicine according to the doctors for example, if you are pregnant you are advised to not use it just as there are some other reasons like if you have any kind of allergy, you have experienced any cancer, or may you have some kidney problems. If you experienced any of these symptoms avoid using it, more information is available at

Side effects:

Here are some medical problems which can cause effects after using it; you should talk to your doctor about your medicine intake and about your future planning.

If you are planning a family in future or becoming breast feeder,

f you take any other medicine,

If you have any kind of allergy,

In case of this problems you can face many side effects so before using you should talk to your doctor. If you are already taking any medicine, it can create some problem for you because some medicines interact with oxanabolic. Tell your doctor before use. If you want to purchase this medicine, you can visit to place you’re an order. This is a FDA approved online store.

How to use:

Your doctor can better guide you about how to use this medicine, here are some general ways:

It can be taken before or after meal

If you have missed a dose take it s soon you can, but avoid taking two doses at once it can cause side effects because its a very heavy dose medicine.

Safety information:

  • Only use when its not prescribed by the doctor and dont use it for any other reason.
  • It affects your blood so in case of any bleeding or any negative effect talk to specialist.
  • Those patients who have faced diabetes should check their blood level before using it, and avoid using if it seems harmful.

Avoid from children it can cause children growth.

Dont use when you are pregnant or breast feeder.

It has generally seen that people make it their habit and become addicted of this medicine and when they dont get this they face negative symptoms like tiredness, rudeness, not eating meals etc, so try to avoid this kind of habit.

It is very common that people after using medicines face side effects but some dont or very minor. In case of any negative symptoms after using this medicine talk to your doctor. If you are willing to use this medicine or having weaknesses or losing weight and wants to get a rid of this problem by having this medicine, this is an advised to all that before using this medicine must talk to your doctor at least once so that you wont face any unusual side effect of this medicine.

In the beginning this medicine was being used as a drug and more and more people start becoming addicted to it, but with the passage of time when people realize its advantages and its positive effects on a body they start using it as a medicine, the symptoms which were seen in the beginning were weight gain and increase in muscle cells.

The main purpose of using this medicine was to regain muscle mass but now there are other purposes to use this medicine that is why it is very common now and can avail any time from . Having a reasonable dose of this medicine hardly give any side effects to the body and shows many positive effects to the body.

Oxandrolone was basically made for children who had problem with growth and for women also who face weakness after any kind of incident which cause them weight lose, and it hardly cause any side effects, this is the reason why this medicine is becoming famous and maximum people are using this medicine. According to the doctors Oxanadrolone can increase muscle cell up to 30percentwhich is known to be a very positive rate.

It was mentioned that this medicine has very slightly side effect if taken according to doctors instruction. But if you take a heavy dose of it and without doctors instruction you can face many side effects like hair loss, problem in breathing, switch in sexual feelings, bleeding and the most dangerous side effect which cause you badly is problem with heartbeat this is a very dangerous problem you can face if you do not follow the doctors instructions and take a heavy dose of this medicine. Side effects mentioned here are not included all the side effects of this medicine so this is advised that if any negative symptoms you face after having this medicine just talk to your straight away.

This medicine is also helpful for athletes, many sportsmen use this medicine to increase their strength and stamina to improve their performance but it is not advised to use this medicine with such intentions because it is not allowed to use such kind of medicines without doctors instruction.

The use of this medicine is also very common for bodybuilders who participate in bodybuilding competitions, this medicine helps them in gaining more body mass and by workout and weight lifting they make their body in shape with very big muscles. This is very common for bodybuilders to take this kind of medicines because it’s not possible for human to make muscle mass big enough so they take help by using this medicine. You can order this medicine at .

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